There will be no public transport available on the 25th of December, and access to the Battersea Park should be made via the Chelsea Bridge entrance.



What Volunteers are asked to do

As a Volunteer, here is a list of some of the things you can help with. We don’t expect you to help on every one of three Christmas days – but if you say you will be there then please turn up – especially important on Christmas Day. 

  • On Christmas Eve we set up in the morning and make sure all is ready for the great day ahead.
  • On Christmas Day we will be sending out about 60 buses to pick up our guests, many of whom will be in wheelchairs. You could be a bus escort or choose to stay in the marquee and help look after a table of guests or take on of the many other jobs.
  • On Boxing Day – we clear up and leave facility as we found it.


Bus Escort duties involve being at the venue by 8.30am on Christmas Morning; going out on a bus with a professional driver and helping the guests from their homes onto the bus and safely back to the venue. We would like you to Escort the “home run” which will start at around 4.30pm. Please register online if you are prepared to take on this important task.

This doesn’t mean you miss the party, we would still like you to help out in the Marquee. Escorting on buses is extremely important work and ensures that we start and finish the event in a professional and caring manner.

Other Volunteering jobs include:

  • Helping in the kitchen working with the chefs to prepare lunch.
  • Bring good cheer with a happy Christmassy welcome when the guests arrive.
  • Serving tea and coffee and, later on, sherry before lunch.
  • Serving lunch – no joke when 450+ full 3-course Christmas dinners need to arrive on the table at the same time hot and delicious.
  • Serving a glass or two of wine with lunch.
  • Clearing tables after each course
  • Help with the washing-up…especially the cooking pots! If you choose this job you should be strong as it will involve lifting heavy crockery, cutlery and glasses in crates, as well as heavy pans.
  • Having lunch yourself – the full works and its absolutely free (well, it is your Christmas Day too!).
  • Helping the elderly guests enjoy the afternoon’s entertainment which is great fun – dancing, sing-alongs and bingo. They love to have a chat with a friendly person, so sit down and listen.
  • Clearing tables at the end of the day and ensure the marquee and kitchens are left spotless.
  • On Boxing Day you can help finish off tidying up followed by a pub lunch to celebrate a successful Christmas Day for the Elderly.

Often elderly people are neglected at Christmas time. We hope that you will join us to put this right.

“We can guarantee that you too will have the best Christmas Day ever.”